Tint Works Boston

Tint Works Boston, located on 12 Grant Street in Burlington, Massachusetts, should be your number one destination if you’re looking to get your windows tinted. Owned and operated by the best and most professional window tinting expert in the area, you can rest assured that you’re going to get top quality results. Their clients include local celebrities and professional athletes. Tint Works provide tinting services to numerous dealerships in the local area. Automotive dealers have no problem referring their customers to TintWorks for all of their window tinting needs.

Owner and expert installer Randy Humphries is the only installer in New England who is factory trained and certified in window tinting, paint protection, and security films, and with his 15 years of experience in the industry, he’s earned the reputation of being one of the best, which is how he’s worked with big-name celebrities and athletes. Being an award winning window tint installer, Randy was the 2013 Northeast Tint Off Champion, named the 2013’s IWFC “World’s Best Automotive Window Tinter”, and finished 3rd in the IWFC’s Architectural Division Tint-off. Needless to say, when trusting Tint Works Boston to apply the best tint on the planet (Llumar Window film), you’re doing business with well-trained professional team whose reputation is unrivaled. Their customer satisfaction ratings reflect the top quality work Tint Works Boston does, and this will only lead to bigger and better opportunities for the Burlington-based business.

Some of the luxury cars that Tint Works has done service to include Mercedes Benz, BMW, McLaren and Ferrari, with some of the owners of these fine automobiles being local pro athletes and celebrities. There’s more to window tinting for cars than just appearance. The tint blocks harmful UV rays, while also keeping your car cooler and protecting your interior, as UV rays damages and fades the interior of your vehicle. With that being said, it is crucial to have experienced professionals install window tint, and Tint Works Boston is that professional business.

Visit their website, tintworksboston.com and follow them on Instagram @tintworksboston. The pictures speak for themselves. When you have a top-quality window tint professional in your own backyard, why go anywhere else? Tint Works Boston doesn’t just do cars either, they also do residential and commercial tinting which will save you money on your energy bill, as tinting your house’s windows have the same effect and offer the same protection from harmful UV and sun rays as does having it installed on your car.

Don’t delay, and contact them to schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did. When you can make your car look better, and have that protection for your interior, there is no need to have your interior fade, or walk into a sizzling car when it has sat out in the sun while you were at work or play.

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