Could Chrysler Market the 200 Better?

Being a car enthusiast, I’m always researching vehicles that might be worth my money when it’s time to look for a new car. While there is already one manufacturer that I’m loyal to, I won’t let that limit my choices to better options if they should present themselves. The Chrysler 200 is a sedan that should get much more attention than it has, but because the US automaker takes the luxurious approach, they’re missing out on a major consumer group that would definitely consider the 200 if it was marketed to them correctly.

Knowing the 200’s history, it was a shock to find out that Chrysler has a V6 engine version of the sedan that is priced close to $30,000. This V6 engine supplies a whopping 295 horsepower, which is uncommon considering the class that the 200 is in among it’s competitors. The Volkswagen Jetta GLI has 210 horsepower, is in the same price range, and isn’t even remotely close to competing with the 200 when it comes to power.

It’s this angle that Chrysler hasn’t exploited. Yes we know the 200 has class and styling, yes it offers the newest technology to it’s buyer, but nothing is ever said about it’s power, not even subtly. The millennial generation are the buyers of the future, and what do the young guns want in a car? Speed and power, luxury, and relative affordability. Chrysler can offer that, but they’re taking the wrong approach when it comes to marketing the 200. As a millennial who wants that in a car, my future car buying decisions have been altered thanks to further research into what Chrysler has to offer.

The brand new look of the 200 is appealing; it has a European and futuristic look while also maintaining the tradition of Chrysler, which is to be an American auto manufacturer. A company that is trying to portray itself as being caught up with the times must not market as if they’re Lincoln or Cadillac and appeal to the younger generations. No one in their mid 20’s knows that a Chrysler has this power, instead they look to Dodge and their Charger for a powerful four door sedan.

If fuel economy is what the consumer wants, the lower trims offer mpg’s of 23 in the city and 36 on the highway while having a four cylinder engine that supplies 184 horsepower.

Chrysler must look at their marketing strategies for the 200 from all angles. A 295 horsepower car is not going to be passed up by an adult in their mid 20’s or 30’s. From the commercials I see class and the promoting of a luxury vehicle that offers comforts much cheaper than the luxurious car brands. By covering all angles, Chrysler will reach all age groups and consumer audiences that are in the market for a car such as the 200. Finding out about a 295 horsepower car around $30,000 was an eye opener, and it will have the same affect for others who learn of the secret power underneath the hood of a Chrysler 200.

Chrysler Sales Rise 17% in May as Jeep and Dodge are in Demand

Chrysler reported strong earnings in May, as Jeep, Fiat, and Dodge carried most of the momentum heading into June. Jeep sales alone rose 58%, Fiat up 18%, and Dodge Ram trucks up 17%. Surprisingly the Chrysler brand itself didn’t report any gains, in fact sales were down 22%. The hope is that the redesigned Chrysler 200 can reignite sales as it will be the first model to get a whole new makeover that will be present in all Chrysler vehicles.

The Dodge Journey and Dart both had a great month, putting together a 33% gain in May. The Challenger on the other hand barely managed a 4% increase in sales, as subtle changes to the body didn’t seem to phase consumers.

With GM having their own problems, this is great news for the Chrysler group as confidence in their brand appears to be growing. The Jeep Cherokee is a favorite among buyers as it brings it’s all-new design and reputation as being a strong and durable SUV.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the 2015 Dodge Charger will sell. After the Charger’s unveiling at the New York International Auto Show, it didn’t get a warm reception. Some consumers didn’t like the fact that Dodge basically put the body of the Dart on the chassis of a Charger, making the once fierce-looking four door sedan look tame.

Despite Chrysler being owned by Fiat for a few years now, the company is still evolving and making major changes to their lineups. If sales continue to grow, there will be a bright future for them as their five year plan heading into 2018 looks very promising.