Social media marketing is the most unique form of advertising the business world has ever seen. Instead of putting out printed advertisement, radio, and television ads during seasonal or quarterly sales events, social media requires your time and dedication every day of the week. The reason why companies, especially car dealerships, struggle with the distribution of content on all platforms is because of the undivided attention you must give Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all 52 weeks of the year. Social media is a commitment, one that must be taken seriously.

Consistently posting content is how you’ll succeed when you share interesting news events about your dealership and the vehicles that will be hitting your showroom floors. One dealership in my state had shared a photo of a new vehicle that they will be selling. Unfortunately, their excitement wasn’t felt among their followers on Facebook because the dealership hadn’t posted any content for over a month, leaving the post with no engagement. The outcome could have ended much differently had their been a consistent stream of native content being posted 3-5 days out of the week that would have created buzz and momentum heading into each update they shared. That photo of the vehicle was the right content, but at the wrong time.

Dealerships who have implemented a strategy that consists of promoting sales of certain models are seeing engagement and a strong interest because of their consistency on all social media platforms. Combining their timely posts with native content, they’re winning at the end of the day, building that customer/business relationship that is vital to seeing healthy sales growth. The dealerships who aren’t engaging with their followers are struggling, and it’s visible with the content that they share. At times they force the issue, trying really hard to get people to comment, share, and like, but the answer to their problem lies within the lack of content being posted throughout the week and during the month as a whole.

On social media, you can get forgotten very quickly. By not posting new native content daily, your followers will look to someone else to get their fill. You can’t go absent. Social media management should be an 8 am – 5 pm job, and in most cases, even requires posting statuses, updates, and photos during the weekend and at night. If you want to see results, you have to put forth the effort. By not taking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seriously, you’re opening the door for another dealership to take advantage of the opportunity, and possibly take customers away from you.

Digital marketing is so crucial. It’s your most effective tool that builds a relationship with your customers and followers. Consumers are looking for companies and businesses who are willing to answer questions, comments, and concerns. Are you that company, and in this case, that dealership? Lack of commitment and effort is how you’ll lose out to other dealerships who take social media seriously. Consistently post content. It cannot be stressed enough. If you are willing to put in the effort, you’ll see the results. Social media marketing will only work if you will, so stop missing out on the opportunity to grow your customer base and start posting content.

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