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One of the biggest challenges facing car dealerships who use social media is creating content that attracts customers and followers. As with any industry that still operates marketing management in 20th century, new technologies will seem intimidating, and sometimes they won’t be sure where to start. Facebook and Instagram in particular are two platforms where dealerships lack a strong content distribution system and fail to capitalize on the opportunities social media offers. Because most of these dealerships don’t have a tech savvy and dedicated social media manager at the helm, they’re struggling in all aspects of the social media realm, and as a result they’ll stop posting content after seeing no results within three to four weeks.

For example, I’ve noticed many dealerships in my area alone will binge off of content. They’ll post five to six pieces of content (non native) within a very short time span, disappear for a few days or a week, and then binge again. The lack of commitment is detrimental to your social media presence. The inconsistency in posting, not engaging with the community, and refusing to share great content is why you’re not seeing results. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a social media fan page or account. If you want a strong following that continues to engage with your content on a daily basis, you’ll have to be 100% committed to the task at hand, and willing to update your account everyday.

That’s why I believe in a content distribution system. Every day there should be photos, articles, and news being posted in intervals throughout the day. Share content in the morning, lunch time, right before evening rush hour, after dinner, and in the latter part of the evening. Your job on social media is to bring awareness and traffic to your car dealership, not necessarily hard sell. You’re attracting consumers by offering eye candy, and every post is like a piece of bread on a crumb trail. Facebook and Instagram leads to exposure if you’re willing to dedicated time, money, and effort.

The problem with car dealerships, and businesses in many industries, is that they get impatient. They’re not seeing results and they think they’re wasting their time. Without having an actual strategy, such as posting photo content everyday for two weeks, then promoting regular maintenance coupons and lease offers once every two weeks, with the help of Facebook advertising, and continuing this cycle every month, you might as well stop using social media, which is what most dealerships already have done.

Remember, you’re content doesn’t have to be a huge Hollywood production. However, there are young professionals out there who can offer great services which can make your media marketing look very professional. Millennials aren’t like any other generation. They prefer visualization through the use of photos and videos. If you’re not offering that you’re missing out on an entire generation of consumers. There will be a day when dealerships will have to create a digital media division within their company, and when that day arrives, the price of hiring a social media manager will increase considerably. Even today, social media managers can make close to six figures.

Don’t make the mistake of being last in the switch to social media marketing. Just as auto manufacturers like Oldsmobile, Plymouth, and Saturn cease to exist, so will your dealership. If you’re not ready to market in the year that we live in, you’ll be left in the dust by the dealerships who are already seeing success from their presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Complete and utter dedication, as with any department at your dealership, will spawn results. Are you ready to take the next step and hop on the social media train, and reach where your customers spend the most time? The choice is up to you.

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