Weekends during the summer attract car enthusiasts from all walks of life, who have different tastes in cars and racing series. NASCAR, Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, and Tudor United SportsCar Challenge are all racing during the weekend, giving racing fans a slew of options to choose from. Best of all, these racing series are engaging with their fans on all social media platforms, including the teams who participate in the racing events. The Internet live streams and on board camera views have made racing much more interactive, creating a more passionate and engaged fan base. Car dealerships can learn from these teams and racing series by making their social media accounts more engaging by posting native content.

Despite the theories that the car enthusiast community is relatively small, there are many people who take pride in the vehicles they own, or will own in the future. That’s why it’s important for dealerships to post content that gets potential car buyers excited. Your content alone could affect a person’s buying decision just by promoting the car in a positive way. Photos and written content that create emotion and feeling, giving people a reason to experience those feelings behind the wheel of the cars you sell, is an underrated strategy that can motivate a consumer to buy a particular brand.

Facebook and Instagram are the most effective platforms for car dealerships, but there’s always room to incorporate Twitter, as you can engage and interact with car buyers in your area. By posting native content, discussing car news of the brands you sell, and displaying the cars in your showroom, your strategy on Twitter won’t be stale compared to your competition. Twitter is often forgotten about, with dealerships either not having an account, or posting third party links that can be tracked back to Facebook and Instagram. Not only do you need to post native content, but it needs to be native to the platform you’re using if you want to see a growing interest and more followers joining the ranks of your social media accounts.

The racing series and teams who are active on social media, are slowly gaining interest in the sport they race in. While NASCAR is the most popular racing series in the United States, these smaller series are seeing more interest, as they’re posting content, streaming free live coverage on their website, and teams now using Periscope and their websites to stream on board camera angles. Dealerships can definitely learn from the distribution of content these teams share, and that starts by discussing the cars you have, the benefits of ownership, and posting pictures of the vehicles in your showroom on all your social media platforms.

Remember, the automotive industry requires a longer buying process with more deliberation and persuasion. Why should a car buyer choose your brand and the models you sell? Right now, consumers are more confused than ever, as car brands are entering new markets and competing with perennial powerhouses. You need to provide value to consumers, much like these smaller racing series and teams are offering value to viewers by sharing free live streams online, photos, and an inside look at what these teams do on and off the track. Your content can have a positive impact on your past, present, and future customers, and it’s crucial to use all social media platforms effectively.

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