Rarely, if ever, do I see companies in the automotive industry, especially car dealerships, be the primary resource for car buying research. Whether this has to do with dealership’s fear of liability should their information be inaccurate or belief that car buyers always research using third party resources, these dealerships are missing a golden opportunity to appear more knowledgeable than their competition. Social media should be the platform to display your expertise, and seeing that car buyers are still unsure about what vehicle they want to purchase, despite resources they have on the Internet, you should provide them with information that answers their questions, problems, and concerns.

As the automotive industry becomes more competitive as the years progress, car buyers are finding themselves indecisive in almost every market. The CUV, SUV, and hatchback markets are filled with auto brands competing for the top spot, but unless you’re diligently researching, it might be difficult distinguishing who offers more. This is where car dealerships can have a lasting impression on potential car buyers. Discuss the vehicles you have on your lot, post pictures that give an inside look at the vehicle, talk about benefits of ownership, and why future car buyers should choose the brand you sell over other brands.

For consumers who are looking at hatchbacks, why should they buy a Volkswagen Golf over a Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra GT, Kia Forte5 or Honda Fit? Would some of your potential customers see the need to buy the e-Golf, which is an electric powered variant of the German hatchback? Despite the knowledge that’s at their fingertips, consumers don’t know the difference. You have to be that resource through your social media pages, and share the specifications, facts, and the benefits because the consumers aren’t quite sure.

Why should car magazines or even people giving car buying advice on Reddit be the primary resource of information? I’ve seen time and time again where people who have no knowledge of the car industry are giving car recommendations to people who would be better served buying a cheaper more economical car that fits their budget. Someone who is on the fence about buying a new Toyota Camry or Honda Accord shouldn’t be influenced into buying a used Infiniti or Lexus. Because the Internet allows anyone to give advice, why don’t car dealerships join in, and be that legitimate and accurate resource that can influence car buyers in a positive way?

In previous articles, I’ve talked about native content and how vital and essential it is on Facebook and Instagram. Being a resource ties into native content. Be the library of knowledge consumers are looking for. You’re the ones with the vehicles and have been trained to sell those specific brands, use that to your advantage.

The car industry is stubborn to try new ways of marketing, but native content, along with giving consumers information on the cars they’re looking for beyond just the price tag, can have a major impact on your social media marketing. As I’ve said before, selling hard on Facebook and Instagram doesn’t work, so why not give potential car buyers the benefits of owning the car, and then they’ll decide whether they’ll visit your dealership or not.

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